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Jones Paralegal, Paralegals Ottawa, Ottawa Paralegals, Jones

Paralegals, Ottawa Paralegals

           Hours of Operation

Mon    9:00AM  -   4:00PM

Tues    9:00AM -   4:00 PM

Wed    9:00AM  -  4:00 PM

Thurs  9:00AM  -  4:00 PM

Fri        9:00AM  - 12:00PM

Sat           CLOSED

Sun          CLOSED 

Established in 2013 in Ottawa, Ontario.


Jones Paralegal has represented clients in the following legal situations: Residential Landlord & Tenant Disputes, Small Claims Court, and Human Rights Violations.


The main practice areas for Jones Paralegal are representing clients with matters that pertain to Landlord & Tenant Disputes.


The secondary practice areas include representing clients with matters such as Small Claims Court and Human Rights violations.


Jones Paralegal currently offers legal services remotely in Ottawa, Ontario, Kingston, Ontario, the Toronto region and Hamilton, Ontario.


Jones Paralegal is committed to attaining results through integrity and dedication.


The unique skill sets of Jones Paralegal allow each case to be handled in a vivacious fashion.

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