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Jones Paralegal handles representation and defence based on the following Residential Tenancy Disputes:


  • Terminating a tenancy on the basis of a Non-Payment of Rent Application

  • Terminating a tenancy on the basis of interfering with Others, Damages or Overcrowding

  • Terminating a tenancy for Illegal Acts or Misrepresenting Income in a Rent-Geard-to-Income Rental Unit

  • Terminating a tenancy for Causing Serious Problems in the Rental Unit or Residential Complex

  • Terminating a tenancy at the end of term

  • Terminating a tenancy because the Landlord, a Purchaser or Family Member Requires the Rental Unit

  • Ending a tenancy Because the Landlord Wants to Demolish the Rental Unit, Repair it or Convert it to Another Use

  • Application to End a Tenancy Because the Tenant Failed to Meet Conditions of a Settlement or Order 

  • Application under the basis that the Tenant Changed the locks without the Landlord's Consent

  • Application on Whether the Act Applies 

  • Tenant Application pertaining to Tenant Rights

  • Tenant Application on the basis that the Landlord Gave a Notice of Termination in Bad Faith

  • Tenant Application regarding Maintenance 

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